Music Stories: Why I joined the choir

 – story by Gord Brookes, Member of the ESG Choir

Music has always been an element in my life.  When I was a child I had aunts that lived in a not large house in mid-town Toronto who had “dueling piano and organ” on either side of the living room/dining room with one aunt at each side of the room with the rest of the family in the middle singing heartily and occasionally even playing on brass or woodwind instruments.  Later, I married a woman who had spent her youth in a good choir and when we had children we made it almost a vocation to learn a vast repertoire of songs to sing to our children at bed-time.  My children both joined the Toronto Children’s Chorus and when they were learning the music I found I could not help but want to sing along with them.  In the mean-time the children became too old for me to sing them at bed-time and I found I needed a musical outlet and joined the choir at ESG.  My wife, 2 teenage children and I hold varied and not always compatible pursuits and activities but I must say that in the last few years that choral music has grown to be a pleasant source of common interest and passion in our family.  The family that sings together, stays together?  I hope so.

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