Music Stories: Some History Notes about ESG’s Choir

 – story by David Lemmon, Member of the ESG Choir

Our Church Music heritage has been 60 years in the making. Throughout the decades, with the continuing unfailing support of the Congregation, it has provided inspirational leadership in Worship.

Some interesting notes from the history of our choir:

  • Our choirs have made 2 National Tours and 3 International Tours
  • For years our choirs regularly participated in Kiwanis Music Festivals, almost always earning First place awards.
  • Our choir was invited to form, rehearse and perform as the resident Toronto Symphony Chorus
  • Our choir was the basis of The Bach Consort, performing major Bach choral works at ESG under the direction of internationally renowned conductors
  • Our teenage choirs mounted annual productions of Gilbert and Sullivan operettas – 12 in total – each with 4 performances at Lawrence Park Collegiate.
  • Our choir has mounted public concerts at Roy Thomson Hall, Massey Hall and the North York Performing Centre for the Arts
  • Over the years, our choirs have produced and sold 6 major recordings for our Congregation and the community at large
  • For a number of years our choir offered the congregation and the community chancel performances of Amahl and the Night Visitors

Asked “why do you sing?” one of our choristers replied as follows: “I love to sing because it feeds my soul and it brings me into community with others who share a passion for choral music” (an alto)