We’re here to fuel your growth.

ESG United Church is a welcoming and progressive Toronto church.

A while back we took a good look at ourselves and examined what we do and why we do it.

What we discovered – not surprisingly perhaps – was that we are by definition, a church. And that is what we will always be. But we also realized that we provide people with much more dynamic, diverse, and inclusive experiences than you might expect from, well, a church.

The services and experiences we provide are purposeful. They are designed to give you options that range from the traditionally religious to the spiritually uplifting. And it is because of the richness of these options, that people are able to create personal journeys for themselves through ESG.

Maybe you’re at a younger stage in life and are looking for a mix of faith-based activities and socializing. Or perhaps you’re at the stage in life where you’re with a partner, raising your family and looking for help in navigating that journey. You could be a Boomer looking to try new things and new ways to give back. No matter where you are in life and no matter where you are in your search for meaning and fulfillment, we welcome you to our shared community.Explore Our Programs

Our Values

If our values resonate with how you look at life you’ll find common ground with the people and activities that make up the ESG community.

COMPASSION borne from a deep passion and concern for the well-being of the human spirit.

A COMMUNITY that fosters relationships grounded in a spiritual foundation. Powerful connections that nurture belonging, self-love and love for others, honesty, and trust.

A FAIRNESS that does not tolerate judgement and discrimination and advocates for social justice.

Belief in everyone’s POTENTIAL to be better and their ability to fulfill what has yet to be imagined.

The United Church of Canada

The United Church of Canada is a church with a rich, progressive, and continuing history of welcoming all in the name of Christ.

The United Church of Canada came together in 1925, through a union of Methodist, Presbyterian, Congregational, and other Christian churches – one of the first ecumenical unions in the world to bring together major Christian denominations into one body.

“We are not alone,” is the first line of “A New Creed,” one of our statements of belief. The United Church of Canada has a long history of welcoming people of all backgrounds and orientations – wherever you are in your faith journey. Learn more on their website.

The North Toronto Cluster

At ESG we believe in expanding beyond our walls, not only through our digital approach to our services, but by sharing with our local United Church community as well. We belong to the North Toronto Cluster, a group of ten congregations service located in the Yonge Eglinton corridor.

Just 7.5 kilometres separates us at the furthest points. We’re good neighbours who offer, for example, a traveling study group that moves from congregation to congregation to inspire learning on a wide variety of topics. Learn more at the North Toronto Cluster’s website.

Staying Connected

Check out our newsletters. ESG Weekly News and We Are Not Alone are emails you’ll look forward to opening.