Expand. Mind, body, and spirit.

ESG United Church fuels your personal growth.

Explore our programs and try out new experiences. Some might be perfect for you right now, and some you might want to discover later as you continue on your journey.

When we actively try out new experiences, several things happen. We grow as individuals. These new experiences change us. We begin to have a thirst for more diverse activities and these in turn shape our lives. As well, we see opportunities to help others, to do good for our fellow humans, and enrich other people’s lives.

Our broad range of programs and events have been developed to nurture your soul and help you grow.

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Nurturing your spiritual side is a wonderful way to grow. Our series and events provide you with tools and activities that challenge you to think in new ways.


Wellness and good health is promoted through social activities that focus on what’s good for your body.


Through traditional worship and fellowship within our diverse faith-based community, you can feel part of something bigger than yourself.