Mind, Body & Spirit – The Choice is Yours

You have your own perspective on what makes life fulfilling and no two paths are identical. It is from this understanding of the human spirit, that we set out to create experiences that not only inspire beyond Sunday morning, but beyond our walls as well.

So explore! You’ll find a rich mix of experiences that may surprise you.

Our holistic approach provides you with opportunities to grow, because we know new experiences create an impact that might even change the course trajectory of your life. Some of our programs are traditionally religious, while others lean to the more spiritual side of the spectrum.

And that’s the true beauty of ESG United Church. You decide the combination of experiences that work for you.

Sure, we have a “bricks and mortar” location, but we see ourselves as a digital ministry too. That means you can experience ESG United Church when you want, how you want, and where you want. Afterall, the world is a sacred place and by expanding ourselves, we expand your experiences too.

No matter where you are in your quest for a more meaningful journey, your discovery has already begun. Welcome to ESG United Church.

Discover. Your way.

ESG Live Stream

Come to church or have church come to you. Live streaming puts Sunday morning services at your fingertips. Participate from the comfort of home or anywhere your device happens to be. And don’t forget, our up to date archive of recent services means you can celebrate your faith together with us whenever you want, 24/7.