Music Stories: Choir Tour in Italy – 2008

– story by Cathy Macdonald, a beloved Member of the ESG Choir who passed away in 2016

“Singing in Italy’s beautiful venues was as exciting as it was humbling. We were inspired by our exquisite surroundings. We were amazed by the incredible acoustics – occasionally in churches that were over 1000 years old. We were HOT – we got used to feeling little rivers of perspiration trickle down our backs during our concerts! And, truth be told, we were occasionally a bit nervous as we tried to look confident at Catholic Masses performed completely in Italian and Latin. We must have stood, sat, prayed and sung at all the right times, however, since we were invited to return to St. Peter’s in Rome to sing a second Mass, an enormous honour, and we’re even invited to perform on Italian TV!”

An unforgettable moment in the history of the ESG choir, the choir’s experience of Italy stands as a testament to ESG’s rich music heritage.

ESG Choir in Italy, 2008

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