We Are Not Alone: The Necessary Work of Decolonizaton

During this time of isolation, we are sharing prayers, poems, inspirational music, videos and quotes that uplift our spirits in a special email newsletter each Tuesday. Here is an excerpt from our March 9 edition.

The Change: The Necessary Work of Decolonization

Reflection: Words from Paul Hutchison and Don Parsons (March 7th worship service)

“Let us acknowledge that sometimes our pilgrimage through Lent offers us a way to deepen our faith. Sometimes it is a more sobering journey confronting us with difficult truths about ourselves and the kind of society in which we live. Such is the way this year as we ponder walls that divide and how we might build bridges of understanding and respect in our world. For this much we know, that in the eyes of God, the colour of our skin does not matter, the language we speak does not matter, our gender or age or sexual orientation or economic status, none of that matters.”- Don Parsons

“Taking apart the systems and structures of power, these are the stories of the life of Jesus… pushing people to unlearn what they know, to make life more full and more real for all people, breaking out of the structures that fail to lift up the lives for all. We need to be totally open to hear. This work is not comfortable nor is it easy. But our life of faith calls us to make a difference, to change the world, make a connection, make a difference. Even in these isolating times of covid, we can still make connections and change the world. And on that journey, on this path of new life, we are not alone.”-Paul Hutchison

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