We Are Not Alone: Free to be Me

During this time of isolation, we are sharing prayers, poems, inspirational music, videos and quotes that uplift our spirits in a special email newsletter each Tuesday. Here is an excerpt from our Jun 15th edition.

Nick Herd

Free To Be Me

Many of us struggle to show our true selves to others. Sharing our dreams and acting on them can be scary. Meet Nick Herd. As a member of Magdalena Bracer’s extended clan, he is an inspiration to her and the family. He is an actor, an artist, a budding fashion designer, and an advocate for those with disabilities. When I interviewed Nick, I was struck by his passion and his confidence. When asked what advice he would give to others about chasing their dreams, he said, “Put your mind to it. You can accomplish anything. Find what you’re passionate about and seize it.” This is clearly a mantra that he is following in his own life.

His bio is full of accomplishments. As part of the L’Arche Canada community, he participated in a Soul Express Program about 14 years ago. That led him to act in a Fringe Festival play called “Rare” where it won Best of Fringe. He discovered his talent as an artist, selling his works at the Coburg Waterfront Festival with proceeds donated to L’Arche. For the past four years, Nick has had a show running on the Disability Channel called “Keepin’ it Real with Nick” and recently was appointed Creative Director at L’Arche. He is committed to advocating for those with disabilities. He works with the “Distory Then and Now Project” (see below) and Developmental Services of Ontario. Nick said “Mistakes were made. I’m going to fix them. My way.”

Covid has not slowed him down as he is working on a fashion line, capturing the bold colours that he is known for. You can look for Nick on TVO’s show “Employable Me” airing on June 16th. Nick worked as Creative Director with the team that produced an animated video to accompany singer Jordan Hart’s song “Freedom.” Connect on the link below.

Nick is a role model for all of us trying to live our lives authentically and courageously.

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