Love aLIVE February Children’s Craft

Kate Littler will lead this activity for children and caregivers during our online Love aLIVE event February 27th at 5 pm.

Story: What is God Like?  by Rachel Held Evans and Matthew Paul Turner

Children who are introduced to God, through attending church or having loved ones who speak about God, often have a lot of questions, including this ever-popular one: What is God like? Beautifully illustrated pictures  show children that God is like a shepherd, God is like a star, God is like a gardener, God is like the wind, and more. God is a comforter and support. And whenever a child is unsure, What Is God Like? encourages young hearts to “think about what makes you feel safe, what makes you feel loved, and what makes you feel brave. That’s what God is like.”


  • watercolour paper and paints

Children will be encouraged to create their own pictures to illustrate what God is like in their own lives.