Love aLIVE December Children’s Activity

Kate Littler will lead this activity for children and caregivers during our online Love aLIVE event December 18th at 5 pm.

Listen to The Story of Christmas from the King James Bible beautifully illustrated by Pamela Dalton. 

Pamela Dalton’s exquisite, intricate scissor-cut illustrations wonderfully illuminate The Story of Christmas. Deeply reverent, richly detailed, and teeming with life, Dalton’s images follow the story of the Nativity from the appearance of the Angel, to the shepherds who came from the fields, and to the three wise men who followed the star to pay respect for their new king. Working in a Pennsylvania-German folk-art tradition, rich with lovingly rendered animals and figures, Pamela Dalton has created a book that takes a deserved place among the finest celebrations of Christmas.

Craft: Handprint Stable


  • -brown or black paint and a brush
  • -paper
  • – coloured pencil crayons. 


  1. Paint the palm side of your hand as shown in the photo. 
  2. Quickly print your palm-less handprint on the psper to create a stable. 
  3. Within the palm space on the paper draw Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus. 
  4. Add a star to the top of the fingers.