Flourish House: An Intentional Community

Flourish House is a young adult intentional community located just beside ESG United Church in Toronto.

Residents are supported to move beyond a roommate model of living and towards one of abundant community in the home and beyond. Flourish House residents are encouraged to develop in their relationships with God, self, each other, the broader young adult community, ESG, and the surrounding neighbourhood. By cultivating deep hospitality and care for one another in their common space, Flourish House residents seek out opportunities to extend the fruits of this love in the community outside the home by offering events for young adults across Toronto, supporting ministries within ESG, and more. 

Flourish House Rule of Life

Current Flourish House Residents

Suen Goonesekera

Suendrini (Suen) Goonesekera is a self-taught visual artist, born in Colombo, Sri Lanka, and brought up in Dubai, UAE. She later immigrated to Toronto, Canada. After obtaining a diploma at Humber College (2001) for Interior Design, she spent seven years in corporate design and was exposed to environmentally considerate LEED certified projects. This led Suendrini to explore her passions at the intersection of materiality, conscious design and the world around her, through creativity. Her upcycled textile art has won many awards. Suen is thrilled to be at Flourish House and to continue to engage with the ESG community that she has come to know and love. She is also a happy and proud aunt to two loving nieces, Kaya and Ayla, (who she loves so much it hurts).

Rowena Hetherington Wilson (she/her) is in her first year as a MDiv student at Emmanuel College. She is excited to start her journey with the community at Flourish House and ESG. She loves connecting with community and nature and has spent years serving at United Church Summer Camps, which has been an important part of her life and development of her Christian faith. She adores the arts and has taught piano part time for the past eight years. Rowena feels she is now in a season of life where she is following her call with open hands and is looking forward to what she will discover.

Jamie Gibson is from Guelph and is a first year MDiv student at Emmanuel College. He has a keen interest in outreach initiatives to those unfamiliar with Church and in solidarity programs that attend to the material needs of unhoused people. He is a songwriter in his spare time. Jamie is excited to become acquainted with Toronto and the community at ESG. He hopes that he can find in Flourish House an opportunity for others and for himself to flourish.