ESG’s Community Outreach

Through the generous donations of many individuals, ESG is able to offer financial support to many agencies and groups throughout our city.

We also offer a program at the church that serves a grateful group of guests each Thursday, from September through June. Our Thursday Afternoon Drop In Program is run by a dedicated and caring group of volunteers who each Thursday navigate the changing circumstances and attendance of our guests. Each guest is welcomed at check-in and given access to a snack, personal care items and currently a selection of warm clothing.
All guests must register with us with ID to be eligible to receive: a $20.00 food voucher, access to our food cupboard and TTC fare. At this time we have 132 people registered. Once registered a guest will receive a number and a date for their next visit, which are eight weeks apart. In the spring we reported that we had 333 visits from September through March. Add to that 124 visits from April to June. To date, since our September start we have served 112 guests.

Are we making a difference? Yes! We hear from our guests that our program allows them to have three to four meals that they would not be able to provide for themselves. A number of our guests have been coming to the Thursday Afternoon Drop In for many years and are known by our volunteers. This relationship creates a level of trust for our guests.

Your support for this program is gratefully received. Monetary donations go to fund the vouchers, TTC fares and replenishing the food cupboard. We also appreciate weekly additions to our Food Box located in the main floor reception area.

If you have questions about this program or are interested in volunteering please contact Connie Roden.