Children’s Ministry Craft

To the Moon Craft:


  • One sheet each of  8″ x 10″ red paper, pink paper, and white paper
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Markers ( pinks, purples, reds)
  • Glitter glue (optional)
  • Heart stickers


  • Cut out a large red heart shape from the red paper. I recommend folding the paper in half and tracing a half heart outline along the crease and cutting along the line so that you have a symmetrical heart.
  • Write, or have you little one trace the words “I Love You…” on the heart. Encourage them to draw a picture of them and their loved one on the heart.
  • Cut two vertical, long strips from the pink paper. Write “To the moon” with an arrow pointing to the right, on one strip. Then write “and back” with an arrow pointing to the left on the other strip. 
  • Cut out a moon shape from the white piece of paper. Write or have your little one trace the word “Moon” on the moon.
  • Next, fold the pink strips back and forth on each other- please see the photo, so that they become spring-like.
  •  To connect the pieces, tape the ends of the  two pink strips to the heart with the *To the moon* one on top, and the *and back* one on the bottom. Then, tape the other ends of the strips to the back of the moon. The *TO the moon* strip should be pointing to the moon, and the *and back* strip should be pointing to the heart.
  • Decorate the heart and moon with markers and/or glitter glue.
  • Fold the springs so that the moon hides behind the heart, until you are ready to open this special card.