Worship Services Support Team

volunteer at our Sunday worship services

What kind of things does the Worship Team do?

  • We recruit volunteers from the church community to read the scripture passage each week during the Sunday service.
  • We offer our time as greeters who welcome people attending the services and help them to feel at home at our church.
  • We coordinate volunteers to assist with distributing the bread during monthly communion services.
  • We offer support to our ministerial staff team and our director of music in planning special services.
  • We encourage, collect, review and respond to feedback from members of the congregation about worship services.

What do current volunteers say about the work they do?

I look forward to chatting with people I know well and new people who have come to ESG for the first time and making them welcome each Sunday.

How would my skills and interests fit this team?

If you enjoy talking to new people and/or taking part in planning an enriching worship experience, you may enjoy bringing your time and ideas to this group.

I want to get involved! Who do I contact?

Contact Gord Brookes.