Volunteer Leadership Team

Help match individuals who want to volunteer at ESG with available positions.

What does the Volunteer Leadership Team do?

  • We meet monthly – September to June – to identify and consider potential candidates for roles that will require new leadership (typically due to expiring terms) as we look ahead 6-12 months. This is so that we can be proactive, as we work with ESG Council members, or team chairs, to consider and recruit new leaders. As we identify candidates, we decide who among us will approach them based on our established ‘connections’. As fits, we also identify individuals outside of our team whom it may be appropriate to involve in the process. Between meetings, as needed, we communicate to update on specific situations, or outcomes of conversations with candidates/others, that are time sensitive.
  • In recent months we have been collaborating on building a knowledge bank of peoples’ skills, interests, and experiences – an initiative we will continue to pursue as we seek to enable a culture of succession planning and as we strengthen communication as to how people can become involved. Increasingly we are focusing on longer term succession planning, looking further ahead than 6 – 12 months.

What do current volunteers say about the work they do?

By understanding our ESG leadership requirements, we learn where members of our ESG community want to engage and try to match their skills and interests with our needs. Finding the right matches and seeing individuals grow as leaders, in roles they enjoy, is very gratifying.

How would my skills and interests fit this team?

Ideal future team members will know some spectrum of our church community and be able to contribute ideas as to possible candidates for various roles. Additionally, future team members should feel comfortable approaching prospects.

We would benefit from having cross-generational representation on the team. That would currently entail bringing on some younger or ‘middle aged’ members who could reach out to engage their peers.

I want to get involved! Who do I contact?

Contact Donna MacCandlish