Music Stories

“VOX is a youth community choir that offers a safe, inclusive and inviting environment for children to learn, to participate, to create and to be heard. ”

Learn more about why Meghan Jamieson is so proud to work with this music initiative…

” Shawn and the choir are often able to take us to a deeper spiritual place… ”

Learn more about why Jim Black is inspired by music at ESG

” Singing in Italy’s beautiful venues was as exciting as it was humbling. ”

Read Cathy’s story of the ESG Choir tour in Italy in 2008.

” The family that sings together, stays together? I hope so. ”

Read Gord Brookes’ story about the way music has filled his family’s life.

“Did you know? Our choir was the basis of The Bach Consort, performing major Bach choral works at ESG under the direction of internationally renowned conductors ”

Learn some interesting history of the ESG choir from David Lemmon.