Ministry & Personnel Team

Help support and coach our church staff to be successful and grow.

What does the Ministry & Personnel Team do?

  • Meet regularly with staff to check in on working conditions (including health and safety), job satisfaction levels, and working relationships (with other staff and members of the congregation).
  • Gather and provide timely feedback and ensure performance reviews are conducted in accordance with M&P’s policies.  Maintain a separate confidential file for each staff, available to staff members upon request. File contains job description, contracts, copies of annual reviews, records of continuing education, completed police checks, and copies of properly documented requests, concerns and conflicts.
  • Keep staff up to date on human resources policies and procedures
    • Suggest opportunities for staff to build relationships with each other and the congregation

What do current volunteers say about the work they do?

We are an essential link between staff, the Governing Council and the congregation. Knowing the importance of the decisions we make and the issues we confront is motivating. Dealing with staff member(s) to whom we are assigned is satisfying—if we can help that person out.

How would my skills and interests fit this team?

It is helpful to have a variety of skills, interests and experiences. It is useful to have someone with a legal background, someone with HR experience and one or more members who have hired and supervised people on the committee. It is also useful for committee members to have a good sense of how the church ‘works’. And it is very important that each member of the Committee maintains confidentiality at all times.

I want to get involved! Who do I contact?

Contact Bob Blair.