Adult Education

volunteer with the Adult Education Team at ESG to bring learning to life

What kind of programs does the Adult Education team develop?

  • Mental Health Workshops: We have run 3 mental health series over the past three years. Led by Mary Thomson, they have attracted between 40-60 people per session. Participants have benefitted from Mary’s deep knowledge and practical strategies during the past two difficult years of covid.
  • Online small group seminars: We have offered online programs to help people live more meaningful lives in connection with their values during this period of increased restrictions.
  • Film and Book Discussion Groups: One film, Wisdom:Joy attracted over 100 people who watched it in the comfort of their own homes and were invited to attend one of two discussion groups.

What do current volunteers say about the work they do?

Our programs have been shown to help people through difficult times, especially covid.

By offering a variety of faith based learning events, we give our community an opportunity to participate and engage with one another.

I appreciate the diversity of expertise and programming.

How would my skills and interests fit this team?

We look for people who are curious, creative, lifelong learners, and work well with others. Do you have technical skills? That would be nice too!

I want to get involved! Who do I contact?

Contact Patricia Thompson.