Unglamourous: A Lenten Series

As part of our Lenten journey, ESG will be offering a 5 week starter course on Race & Inequality from a Christian Framework.

The truth about achieving the outcomes of racial justice and equity in our communities and institutions is that it is a life-long journey that will require honesty, humility and hard work. Recognizing how we have benefited from systems that were designed to oppress and marginalize people, and then, being resourced with the tools to start the process of reconciliation and allyship, is the “Unglamourous” invitation of this curriculum.

Worship Series

Lent 1 February 21: The Challenge: Breaking the Silence

Lent 2 February 28: The Conflict: Assessing the Damage

Lent 3 March 7: The Change: The Necessary Work of Decolonization

Lent 4 March 14: The Opportunity: Allyship

Lent 5 March 21: The Surprise: Recipe for a Miracle

Online Panel Conversation

March 21: Come to Jesus Meeting: A Panel Conversation with POC faith leaders. Learn more

Book Study Challenge

As part of our Lenten journey, ESG will focus on the issue of systemic racism in our society.  In partnership with the North Toronto Cluster of Churches, we are challenging the congregation to read one book about anti-Black racism, and then spend an evening discussing the book with others. We encourage you to explore them as deeply as you are able. Discussion groups will be hosted on Zoom by churches in the cluster. The book list is below, with links to more information about each discussion evening: