Rev. Dr. Paul Hutchison
Lead Minister

Paul leads worship on most Sundays, offering engaging and insightful sermons that connect the stories of our faith to the questions of contemporary spirituality. Paul is a deeply present listener whose approachability reflects a warm welcome throughout our church community.

phone 416-481-1141 x320

Rev. Sarah Chapman
Next Generation & Growth Minister

Sarah’s mission is to create meaningful and sustainable church experiences for younger generations. Sarah is on parental leave until September 2020.

phone 416-481-1141 x330

Don Parsons
Pastoral Care Minister

Don offers pastoral care to our church community, regularly keeping in touch by phone or with a personal visit. He also works with families planning funeral and memorial services.

phone 416-481-1141 x 351

Shawn Grenke
Director of Music

Shawn directs our music program,  nurturing our adult choir each Sunday and in concert throughout the year.

phone 416-481-1141 x340

Jennifer Torrens
Church Administrator

Jennifer arranges space rental at ESG for one time or ongoing programs and events. She also oversees general administration, communications, and day to day operation of the building.

phone 416-481-1141 x210

Kate Littler
Children’s Ministry Coordinator

Kate leads our Children’s Ministry program for children in JK to grade 6 and their families (now online!).

phone 416-481-1141 x350

Aidan Legault
Youth Leader

Aidan is an MDiv student at Emmanuel College. He leads the youth programming for teens in grades 7-12 at ESG as they grow and learn in faith and community.

Andrew Brant and Alvaro Perez

Church Custodians

phone 416-481-1141 x 0