Social Justice

Do you feel called to work for a more just, peaceful and equitable world?  Social Justice initiatives at ESG enable us to be both pro-active and responsible to the injustices and inequities that surround us. Read about some of our groups and initiatives below, and add your voice.

Peace with Justice Group

Find out about the most recent initiative here.

This group meets the fourth Thursday of the month at 5:30 pm to discuss concerns regarding human rights, peace and justice. Contact Carole Penny

Anti-Black Racism Discussion Group

Educating Ourselves: Anti-Racism Resources

Recent (and not so recent) events in Canada and the USA have shed light on the need for all of us to educate ourselves about racism, both the issue of systemic racism and how we can ourselves become anti-racist and promote anti-racism in our community.   The Anti-Black Racism Discussion Group has been reading, watching and discussing various resources related to this important issue.  We invite you to have a look at these resources – books, videos, and podcasts – in order to further their growth and learning.  Virtual meetings may be planned to talk about your thoughts on the materials.  And please, spread the word!

Take a look at this short list of Anti-Black Racism resources and spread the word