Project Flourish

Project Flourish is a three-year pilot project of Eglinton St. George’s United Church. It was initiated out of a hope for the church’s vital ministry to the community to flourish into the future, rather than simply surviving.  Project Flourish is researching the surrounding community, trying new out-of-the box programs, and seeking to understand and meet the needs of young adults and young families. This will benefit all generations .

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Current initiatives include:

Dinner Church: Dinner Church is an intergenerational evening service centered around a shared meal. All are welcome to come and enjoy an evening of creative worship, music and community.

Learn more about Love aLIVE Dinner Church at ESG

Community Garden: The ESG community garden is currently made up of 9 raised bed rental plots (each 28 square feet in size), but we are growing. The vision behind the community garden is to use church land to draw closer to creation by offering opportunities to tend to plant life, while also drawing closer to one another as a community through the shared labour involved in gardening.

Learn more about the project and how to get involved.

Flourish House: An Intentional Community has been created in a house next door to the church.

Learn more about the residents and their Rule of Life