love aLIVE

Prepare your favourite dish, and join us for a Love aLIVE, dinner church!

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On January 24th we are hosting our third Love aLIVE, an online dinner church series where people from all walks will gather around our virtual table and share how love is alive in their lives. You’re invited to share your experiences too! 

So, exactly what do we mean by that?

Well, for many, how love is alive in their lives is about nurturing relationships at a time of physical distancing, when many of us can feel isolated. For others, it’s about reconnecting with loved ones who they now get to spend more time with. Perhaps helping others is a way you choose to keep love alive. Keeping love alive is a deeply personal experience and sharing those experiences with others is truly an act of generosity.

A shared meal is the perfect setting for conversations that feed us: body and soul.

ESG United Church in partnership with Skylight Festival invites you, your friends, and family to join us and special guests, folk singer-songwriters, Piper & Carson.
To learn more about our amazing musical guests visit
Everyone is welcome, kids included. We’ll have a break-out room for them to share in their own guided activities.

Note about dinner:

We understand that not everyone eats at 5pm EST. It is ok if you’re still preparing your meal while we gather or you want to eat later. The evening is intended to be casual while you feast, prepare or just be with us in this time of community and connection.