Love aLive Dinner Church Children’s Craft

Kate Littler will lead this activity for children and caregivers during our online Love aLIVE Dinner Church event February 28th at 5 pm.

From huddling garter snakes to wooing whales, celebrate all the ways Earth’s creatures say: “I Love you.” Ways to Say I Love You, by Marilyn Singer.

Our Craft:

Learn how the male bowerbirds construct bowers – structures of sticks and twigs to attract a female. These birds are native to Australia and New Zealand. They spend hours searching and collecting items to decorate their habit. The male bowerbird will use bits of colourful glass, tinsel, milk caps, berries, and multicolour bits of yard and string. Blue is a favourite colour of the female bowerbird and many blue items can be found in bowers.  
Create your own bower using feathers, construction paper, and other found blue objects. 


  • card stock
  • construction paper
  • corrugated cardboard cut to look like twigs
  • scissors – glue
  • feathers
  • tinsel and yard