Demand for Action on Homelessness in Toronto

Homelessness in Toronto has been a struggle for many years and the COVID pandemic has only served to highlight the gaps in the system as it currently operates.

On March 11, the one-year anniversary of WHO’s declaration of a pandemic, the Toronto Drop-in Network held a press conference urging all levels of government to take immediate action to address the critical situation facing people experiencing homelessness during COVID-19. Hear the voices and demands of experts, the faith community, front line workers and those with lived experience.

The video is well worth viewing. Rev. Leigh Kern, of Toronto Urban Native Ministry (one of our ESG Outreach Partner Agencies) really struck a chord (listen here), but all of the speakers relay what is happening from the heart.  Agencies we support, such as Street Health, TUNM, Sistering, and Fred Victor, are working with the homeless population every day. 

Feel like doing something after watching this video? Why not send a letter or email to your Toronto city councillor to let them know your thoughts?  Here is a sample letter provided by the Toronto Drop-In Network, and a list of addresses should you wish to take action on this important issue.