Sunday Worship

Sunday Morning Worship: 10:30 am – 11:30 am

Do I need to dress up?

Wear what feels comfortable for you. You don’t need to dress up.

Do you have programs for children?

Yes. We have nursery care, as well as a children and youth program.

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What if I’m not sure what I believe?

Everyone is invited to explore their faith. Bring doubts, questions, and curiosity.


What happens in worship?

The format is somewhat the same each week. We pray, sing, listen to stories from the Bible, and reflect on those stories. However, the stories, prayers, and songs will be different each week. Sometimes we baptize a child or adult. About once a month, we celebrate communion, a ritual meal.

What should I do when I come into the building?

You can enter the doors at the top of the stairs, or the doors at street level to the right. We have coat racks and washrooms and greeters who will help you find your way. We hand out ‘bulletins,’ a sheet of paper letting you know what will happen in worship on that day. Greeters can help you find the nursery, children’s program, and youth activity. Sit anywhere you feel comfortable—no seats are reserved.

How much does it cost to attend worship?

Worship is free! However, we do have a time of ‘offering’ when trays are handed around so people can give money to support the life and programs of the church. You may wish to make a donation or not, as you feel comfortable. If you see others passing the plate and not putting anything in, they may have already donated online or with a monthly cheque.

Who comes to worship?

People of all ages come to worship—babies, children, youth, and adults. We are people with questions and doubts, as well as sureness and faith. We come to figure out what we believe and how to walk the talk. We are not perfect and we’ve made mistakes. But we want our world to be peaceful, just, and loving for all people. Come and help us to do that.

What happens after worship?

We like to catch up with each other over a cup of coffee, tea, or juice. Join us for conversation as you feel comfortable.

Come and check us out.

We love to hear your questions and we want to get to know you.