Children & Youth

Our Children and Youth Ministry is a vibrant part of our church community, and we love to welcome new families.  We are committed to teaching kids about Jesus in a small group setting so that relationships can be built – because that is exactly what Jesus did.  Join us on a faith journey together in a fun and inspiring environment. All are welcome and invited.

Nursery care is also offered on Sundays during the worship service.

Duty of Care at ESG

Your child’s safety is incredibly important to us – please know that we screen all of our volunteers and have put many policies in place to ensure your child’s safety while they are in our care.  Our Volunteer Handbook outlines the steps we take to ensure that all those who work with vulnerable individuals, do so in a way that creates trust and safety for everyone.

College and University Students

Are you new to Toronto to attend college or university? ESG warmly welcomes you to our faith community where we hope that you will find a home away from home! College and university students can also look for one of over 23 Campus Ministers affiliated with the United Church of Canada, located on the campuses of colleges and universities across Canada. Many ministers work in ecumenical chaplainries and have lots of United Church connections. They will be glad to meet new faces on campus!

For a list of Campus Ministers connected to the United Church of Canada, visit: or call 416-231-5932 and ask for the Campus Ministry of the Division of Ministry and Personnel and Education.