Next Generation & Growth Minister

Sarah Chapman
Next Generation & Growth Minister

On Sunday, April 8 our congregation approved the call of our Next Generation and Growth Minister, Rev. Sarah Chapman. We extend a warm welcome to Sarah who joins us this September.

The Position Description is available here.

A message from Rev. Sarah Chapman

Hello Eglinton St. George’s United Church,

I’m thrilled to be moving in and beginning our ministry together.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve in this new position as Next Generation and Growth Minister. You have already done great work, discerning the movement of the Spirit and creating this position. Know that the Spirit is still moving and inviting us into the new thing that God is up to. This is an exciting place to be in ministry and I’m thrilled to be part of your ministry team. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us!

I look forward to meeting, worshiping and dreaming with you. As I begin this fall, I will be focusing on getting to know the ESG and broader communities. I’m excited about what we can imagine together and what new and innovative ministry we can create, reaching out beyond the church walls and connecting with new groups of people, especially younger generations who are longing for sacred space and a chance to make meaning in community.


Rev. Sarah