Minister Search

ESG has called a new minister!

On Sunday, April 8 our congregation approved the call of our Next Generation and Growth Minister, Rev. Sarah Chapman. We extend a warm welcome to Sarah, and are exited for her arrival at ESG on September 1st!

The Position Description is available here.

A message from Rev. Sarah Chapman

Hello ESG!
I am so excited to start this new journey with you, and I feel incredibly called to the role of Next Generation and Growth Minister. Through my conversations with the search team, I felt more and more confident that we’ll be a great fit !
A number of times through the search process, I commended ESG on the fact that you even dreamed up this position. I find this role incredibly forward thinking and I believe it has the capacity to create meaningful and sustainable church experiences for younger generations. I am confident that God is already up to something in the world and I believe that ESG is making room for the spirit to lead us towards that new thing. I can’t wait to be part of the journey with you.
– Sarah