2018 ESG Lenten Carbon Calculator Challenge

Calculate your personal carbon footprint, as part of this year’s Presbytery 40 Lenten Acts program. Be one of ESG’s 40 participants and help us collectively, as a congregation, take steps to mitigate against climate change, and leave behind a better earth.

Calculator Instructions:

This calculator​ will take about 20 minutes maximum, especially if you calculate your utility consumption (Enbridge, Toronto Hydro) and transportation, ahead of time. If possible, give us your utility tonnage subtotal (with gas, hydro #’s separately) and transportation tonnage sub-total (vehicle, flight and ground #’s separately).

For more information or assistance in filling out the form, contact Donna Lang.


To calculate your carbon footprint, go to: http://www.carbonzero.ca/calculate

FOR HOMES: In order to save time, gather your latest Toronto Hydro bill and Enbridge April 2017 bill. If you have online accounts, you can obtain these online. Use consumption #’s (not $’s) for utility calculations.

  1. First, use April Enbridge # (right hand side of the bill) as a proxy for gas, and X by 12 for an annual #. (Enbridge has suggested this method of calculation, in order to make it easier to do).
  2. Press calculate and you will see your estimated gas tonnage on the right hand side of the calculator.
  3. Next, add up the 13 bracketed usage #’s at the right hand side of your Toronto Hydro bill.
  4. Enter this # and then press calculate. You will now have a sub-total of your utility carbon footprint.

Now do transportation section.

  1. Enter your annual vehicle mileage # and type of driving information.
  2. Press calculate and do the same for air travel and bus/metro ground travel*.


*PLEASE NOTE: If you use bus/TTC, estimate # kilometres, and then use Toronto to another city calculation, that approximates this distance. For instance, if you travel 100 kilometres by metro annually, then you can use Toronto to Shelburne Ontario calculation  – 104 kilometres as a proxy.


FOR CONDOS/APT’s: Go to the top right hand of the page and link to calculate by square footage; enter # for square footage; it will give you a home heating proxy total (gas and electricity). Next, complete the transportation section as per above.

​ ​


If you can choose to register on the Carbon Zero website, you will be able to go back to their website and review your score at a later date. However, you will still see your score even if you do not register, as long as you press calculate after each entry.

Carbon is measured in tCO2e = tonne of Carbon equivalent. Carbon Xero averages for Ontario residents:

An average vehicle is generally assumed to emit about 5 tCO2e per year (about 20,000 km). Assuming 12,000 kWh of electricity per year and 3,500 m3 of natural gas per year, the average Ontario home in 2017 would emit about 7 tCO2e per year. Air travel varies greatly and thus there are no averages available.


REMEMBER to leave your utility carbon tonnage (gas, hydro #’s separately) and transportation carbon tonnage # (vehicle, flight and ground #’s separately), and your total carbon tonnage # in Jennifer Torrens mailbox at the church or by email. You do not have to provide your name if you don’t wish to. We will calculate the average for ESG collectively, and publish it in our church bulletin, at the end of Lent (March).