Syrian Family Sponsorship

ESG is an amazing community dedicated to generously serving others with compassion. Our tradition of sponsoring refugee families from around the world continues with the sponsorship of Syrian families.

We have three priority focus areas:

1. Sponsor the Rajab family

The Rajabs are grateful to be living in Canada and for the generosity, support and friendship of ESG. Read more...

2. Sponsor members of the Rajab’s extended family

ESG has submitted applications to sponsor members of the Rajab’s extended family who wish to come to Canada. On October 31st, we welcomed Oussama, Sawsan and their four children to Canada! Read more...

3. Support other private sponsors

ESG is supporting two private sponsor groups in their efforts to sponsor Syrian families. Read more...


How Can You Help?

Jobs, jobs jobs


Employment is the top priority for the Rajab family. We need the congregation’s help to find Mostafa Rajab a full-time job with a Living Wage.  Mostafa has construction and landscaping skills and was an elementary school teacher and principal in Syria. It will be challenging for him to find employment in Canada WITHOUT the support of our collective network, as he has limited English at this point.  We ask the congregation to please tap your networks and call in a favour to help Mostafa.


Preparations for the arrival of Oussama Rajab and his family

Final preparations for the family’s arrival on Octover 30th are underway. The immediate priority is to rent an apartment ideally close to Mostafa and his family. We are fortunate that we have a significant head start on gathering furniture, household items and clothes. Please watch your email and the bulletin for the specific items and help that we will need in the next three weeks.

We are grateful for the generosity and compassion of the congregation and supporters.


We have raised significant funds to sponsor Syrian families. We have 25+ volunteers who generously give their time and talents. Many of our volunteers have a significant depth of volunteer and professional experience in settling newcomers to Canada.


New volunteers are welcome. We are particularly looking for people to contribute to the important priority of employment.


If you have any leads or information on employment opportunities, or are interested in volunteering or donating, please contact Co-Chairs kristen.ede@rogers.comor