The Renovation



Highlights of the New Design

The New Weekday Entrance 
The gracious light-filled entrance is more spacious to allow better flow from the narthex to the administration area. The bold, modern entrance overlooks the lawns and street, and includes a vestibule, stairway and accessible elevator.

Stained Glass Window Renovation
Stained glass artists Gordon Wright and David Burns reconstructed the windows using a combination of new glass and old glass from former windows at the Eglinton United Church building.

The Administration Area Redesign 
All staff offices are located on one floor and the layout of the front desk/office area has been improved. Kitchen facilities have been consolidated into one large kitchen. A servery opening from the kitchen onto the narthex adds excellent convenience for coffee hour as well as large meetings and gatherings. Washrooms have been centralized near the narthex.

The former chapel has become a multi-use chapel/lounge space with the inclusion of a small prayer room at the north end.

Sanctuary design 
Everything about the new design says inviting and flexible. A new "festival" entrance stair­case from outside opens into the spacious light-filled narthex where movable glass walls allow us to be drawn into the sanctuary.

Inside, flexible seating and chancel and a movable organ console support a variety of configurations depending on the type of worship or event. Improvements in lighting and sound ensure that all can see and hear well.  Our sanctuary is a warm, inviting and exciting place to worship.


Infrastructure maintenance and upgrades
These upgrades include:
- Mechanical, electrical and heating upgrades
- Fire and life safety up­grades (such as fire separation between floors and fire alarm upgrades)
- Window maintenance

Accessibility improvements  
ESG has been improved to include:
- An accessible entrance lobby
- A main elevator and a platform lift
- Drop-off areas and a sloping exterior walkway
- Accessible washrooms

Building enhancements
These changes are designed to create a more welcoming environment for worship, work and meeting one another.
- Revisions to the sanctuary and chancel to conform to more current liturgical practice
- Improved ministerial, administrative and volunteer office space
- Renovations to the parlour and chapel areas
- Upgrades to meeting rooms Improvements to church school and infant care facilities

Sound and lighting
Upgrades to sanctuary sound and lighting as well as organ relocation

reno_opening reno top reno_admin

Renovation Implementation Committee

Chair:  Douglas McWhirter
Secretary:  Laurie Denham
Vice-Chair Design Mgmt:  Carolyn Woodland
Design Mgmt:  Lind Nyman, Andre Le Roux
Chief Financial Officer:  Louise Hayes
Legal/Contracts:  Yvonne Penning
Accommodations:  Marg and Bob Anglin
Space Use Liaison:  Amy Downs Communications:  Cathy Macdonald

Architects for the renovation were Black and Moffat Architects Inc of Toronto, Ontario.