2018 ESG Lenten Carbon Calculator Challenge

2018 ESG Carbon Calculator Challenge Update  – The results are in!

A big thanks to 26 ESG households who completed the challenge: Gee Gee, Maggie, Al, Peter W., Ann, Donna M., Arlene, Marnie, Donna L., Gail B., Jim, Rick, Graham, Walter, Dave, Diane, Nora, Andre, Ken, Joan, Gail C., Peter L., Greg, Don, Laura and Charlie.

Feedback was very positive. People made the connection between their carbon footprint and climate change. The total ESG average household carbon score was 23.3 tonnes, with a wide range from 6 to 106 tonnes (combined utility and transportation score). ESG average utility score (gas and hydro) was 6.7 tonnes of carbon per household; (29% of total footprint). This closely compares with 7 tonnes nationally (Carbon Zero norm). ESG average transportation score was 16.9 tonnes per household, and it represents about 71% of the total.

Everyone was very surprised to see the impact of air travel. Air travel varies greatly, so Carbon Zero was not able to provide us with an average, but for ESG, flying makes up a whopping 60% of our total footprint (14.1 tonnes/23.3 tonnes)!

To learn more about how to buy carbon offsets next time you travel, go to your airline carrier website or http://www.carbonzero.ca/ to purchase them. Cutting back on flying also helps. Toronto Hydro programs and incentives can be found at: https://saveonenergy.ca/ and Enbridge programs and incentives at:  https://www.enbridgegas.com/homes/